Thursday, July 23, 2009


This is the most boring day of the week, it's not because of nothing to do, it's because the day's classes start at 8am in the morning. Moreover it's the Maths class, with two boring hours. One more reason is it not only starts early, the day's classes end late - 10pm. In a while I'll have to go to the Keusahawanan lecture, from 8pm to 10pm. It's a very useless class as far as I could see. I've learned nothing from this subject so far. All I can do in the hall is yawning plus "fishing" Haha. But, I've planned to bring my homework to do in the hall later ^^

This coming Sunday is my school, Industrial Technology's orientation day aka. Interaction day. Hope it'll be fun or else I'll blame those seniors for wasting my weekends for nothing. Just now the Japanese class was interesting, I never regret to take Japanese as my foreign language. However I have some problems in memorizing the Hiragana's characters yikes >.<" Although they are only 51 basic characters, I find it very hard to memorize them. Maybe I just need more time and more practice with it.

Today is also the end of the 4th week I've left Malacca, this is the longest period I'm away from my home sweet home. I've always wanted to leave home, to stay away from home when I was younger, I thought it'll be fun. But the truth is, nothing is as good as home. Even though I'm currently sleeping in a nice hostel (compare to the others), well furnitured, the feeling is still not as satisfy as when I'm sleeping in my own room, with all the privacies I want. I missed my bed so much sob sob.

Got to go to the hall now, Sayonara.

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