Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Konnichiwa, Hello guys, been watching a Hong Kong drama for the past few days. It's a very nice drama but a dull ending. Anyway it's still worth to watch it.

But the main point I'm going to express is about my complains on my Maths lecturer. She is totally a newbie lecturer to me. I missed my Form 6 Maths teacher so much, he's 100 times better than she is. Just now she was giving an example to explain, but until halfway she got stucked, silent for a few seconds, showed her blur face, and the next sentense that came out from her mouth is :" oh, nevermind about this, just forget about it." All of us was like " what the hell".....

She's definitely the worst Maths teacher ever in my life. How can she expect us students to understand when she doesn't even know how to do Maths. And she just copy all the solutions for every examples from a sheet of paper into the transparency slides. Her class is more like 99% reading(from her notes probably) and 1% of explaination. Gosh, I don't have any respect on her.

That's all for today, Sayonara.

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