Sunday, July 26, 2009

Interaction day

Today is the Interaction Day for the School of Industrial Technology. Everyone suppose to gather by 7.30am at the foyer of our school but as usual, half of them were late. We walked to the football field near the main gate - minden gate. There's where our event will be held. After everyone arrived, we started our day with attendance taking by our senior. Surprisingly out of four divisions, only my class ie. Bioprocess Technology have a full attendance WEeee~~~ ^^

After that is the speeches from our Vice Dean, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Othman b. Sulaiman, followed by the YDP (students' representative ), and three post-graduates Master seniors. We continued the event with Ice Breaking where everyone were divided into their own groups. I'm in Group hachi (8). We have to intorduce ourselves to the other group mates, give a name for our group and lastly to create a cheers for our group. My Group is PanPan Haha.

Next, we have to play a few games, for every games we have to defeat another group in order to collect a star. Few of them were quite boring but there's one I enjoyed the most - the chair game. This is how it works. Each group is provided with a row of 8 chairs, every group member have to stand on the chairs. The last person of the row have to pass the last chair of the row until the front without touching the ground. After a certain distance, one chair will be removed by the facilitator. As we go on, we left only 5 chairs with 9 person when nearing the finishing line. Our group is very cooperative and fast in this game. We won it easily Haha. At the end of the day, our group only won 2 games out of 6. We were suppose to win 3 games instead of 2 only, but in one of the game, two of our group mates were too nervous and accidentally screwed it up. But nevermind, it's just a game, where everyone should enjoy playing it not winning it right? XD

After finishing all the games, it's lunch time. Our lunch is sponsored by our school. Next it's the Class Representavie Election event where every divisions have to elect one Class Rep. and two Asst. Class Rep. respectively. It was a boring event after all Haha. (No hard feelings to the seniors :p) I'm exhausted with the activities just now. Next year will be our turn to conduct thsoe activities for our juniors, hopefully we'll do it better. Sayanora ^^


  1. bakti permal 126BJuly 26, 2009 at 8:24 PM

    u very like to shock sendiri..swt

  2. What syok sendiri? To blog memang is to syok sendiri what.. If you want everyone syok with you den go do announcement in DTSP lar haha...