Thursday, July 09, 2009


This is the first time I'm blogging, obviously I'm still new to it.

For the past whole week, it was a tiring orientation for freshies. USM is a nice, clean and green place. The trees are big and green, the roads and path are clean, one can also breath in the fresh air every morning. No doubt that we call it The University In Garden. Too bad I did't bring my camera along, apologise for being unable to post the photos of the campus for now. I'll post it as soon as I have a device that can take photos ^^ The seniors are very helpful here especially the PPSL (Pembimbing Program Siswa Lestari), they've sacrifise their holidays, just to guide us, to help us, to teach us, what is the University about. They're very helpful, kindhearted and willing to spare some time to give us advices. Some of them did't even have a proper sleep during the night throughout the whole orientation week just to ensure that the programmes will run well and accordingly. We, as the first year students, greatfully appreciate their sacrifises and the helps for the whole orientation week. Besides the PPSLs, the other seniors are very helpful too. For instance, some society/clubs are having a Penang tour specially for freshies, the best part of it, IT"S FOC! They really have the heart and will to help us juniors. USM ROX!

I woke up at 7.15am this morning by my phone's alarm, still kinda sleepy actually but cannot be helped, have a class at 8am. It's Maths by the way, the lecturer is a young malay girl, probably a few years older than me only... Her english is terrible, we were wondering how come our University, as a Apex status, will have this kind of quality of their lecturers, teaching the first batch of Apex students. She taught us Trigonometri this morning, and I bet there are more than 50% of the students in the class are still blur with what she'd taught this morning. Gosh I miss my Form 6 maths teacher - Mr.Seet so much.

After the "exciting" maths class, 10am I was free until 3pm. Looking at the skies, the red hot sun's burning my skin. So I was like : Hmmm, It's a good time to do my laundries. Yes, I rushed back to my room ( it was just a 100 steps away from the lecturer hall HAHA). After I did my laundries, gosh! Cloudy and it started to rain heavily! So I came back to my room, open up my lappie and start to surf the net, checked my PTPTN application and bingo, it was a success. But I'm still uncertain whether should i accept it or not, because I've applied fo JPA scholarship, a scholarship by our "lovely" government. One thing, the JPA scholarship has bonding for successful scholars. For my course, the bond is 6 years. Waow, 6 years, that is long.

Am sitting in front of my lappie alone in my room. Waiting for the next class which is at 3pm. Japanese language Haha. Today is my first class for japanese. Hopefully I can cope with it. It's 11.45am now, and I'm hungry >.<" time to catch up with some food. Bye ^^

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