Wednesday, July 29, 2009

End of Today

Today is quite free because I have only 3 hours of class and tutorial. Did some laundy after lunch. Actually I was quite lazy to do it but no choice, this coming weekend I'll be joining a camp at Kedah, organised by USM. So, this whole weekend I won't be around to do the cleanings and whatsoever.

This morning we had our Maths quiz also, this is the first quiz for me in USM so far. It was easier than I've expected. After that I had my Maths tutorial, carried out by a Post-Master student from the Environment technology division. He doesn't know how to teach either, doesn't talk and explain much. So basically everyone that attended his class are just copying answers from him. Before this I thought every Chinese can teach Maths better than the Bumis but it proven me wrong today. Sometimes Chinese sux too.

After that I went jogging with my girl around Tasik Harapan near Desasiswa Fajar Harapan.

I've just finished my BM's homework which is essay writing, again! This piece prolly is the longest ever essay I've written since after SPM. Hopefully tomorrow's class won't have any homework or assignments to do during the weekends or I'll be dead by next week.

Going to sleep now. Tomorrow's class starts at 8am. I hate Thursday!

Oyasumi nasai(Good night) ^^

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