Monday, July 20, 2009

Begining of the new week

Today is a sunny day. Started of with Organic Chemistry this morning, it was a repetition from Form 6 about those alkanes thingy. Immediately after this was Mathematics. Surprisingly I wasn't upset with her teachings today Haha.

Afternoon was the interesting Japanese language class. We learned a few new things in this class, for example Genki desu ka? is How do you do? in Japanese, Kore wa dare desu ka? is Who is this? After these interactive conversation lesson was the Japanese character, Hiragana lesson, which I find it difficult to memories. Even though they look simple Haha.

I just got back from dinner at Bali-bali food court with my second girlfriend Haha. My first girlfriend rang me up at the right time after I had my last spoon of rice. Guess she missed me alot in Malacca Haha.

Time to watch drama, Sayonara and have a nice day ^^

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