Saturday, July 25, 2009

Laundry day

Woke up at 7am in the morning with only one mission, i.e. to wash my bed sheet and some dirty clothes. But the main character this time is the bed sheet. I thought it'll be simple and easy but it turn out to be much difficult.

I soaked the bed sheet and pillow case in a separate pail while I was scrubbing the other dirty clothes. It was quite tiring because have a few pair of t-shirts to, a few underwear, a pair of jeans, socks etc to scrub. My right arm felt restless after settling the dirty clothes. Now it's time for the bed sheet. It looked easy but when I started to do the scrubbing, I was like :" gosh, I should have just sent it to the laundry shop." It was not as simple as I thought, partly due to the limited space of the sink for me to scrub. After a few minutes of hardwork, I finally gave up and just give it a rinse of water. The squeezing part was killing my muscle. I have to rinse and re-rinse it with the water to get rid of the dynamo solution. Fuuuh, how I wish I have a washing machine >.<"

The whole process took me about one and a half hour to complete. That was the longest period so far for my laundry work. Last week I planned to wash my blanket some more. Luckily I've changed my mind few days back. Or else I'll probably be dead by now Haha.

Laundry is never easy as it seems to be.

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