Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Raya tickets all sold out!!

Bought the bus tickets to go back to Malacca on Raya. But only manage to buy the tickets to KL one. All buses that go straight to Malacca had sold out. And I heard those people talking bout KL to Malacca ones were sold out as well. Now I'm wondering if I can even manage to go back Malacca on Friday or I have to overnight there for one day. The first day after I came back from holiday already have to worry about my next holiday, this happens when you're studying far far away from home. Called my mum already, and she said will see how first. If really don't have bus to come back, my dad might come up to KL to fetch us. Hopefully wont be that bad.
The is the terminal bus near USM. It's about 5 minutes away by bus. The promoters inside were exactly like those in Pudu Raya. Whenever they saw you approaching them, they'll storm you and starting to ask questions like where are you heading? When do you wanna go back? Bla bla bla... I hate that actually. But I understand that they're just trying to pull customers in this competitive world. Couldn't blame them much though.

Have class in 10 minutes time, Ciaoz and Sayonara.

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