Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Left Brain Dominant: 19 Left-Brain Responses/ 11 Right Responses

Of 30 questions, 19 of your responses indicate you are left brained dominant. 11 of your responses are indications of right brain dominance. These results indicate you are predominantly left-brain dominant. People who are left-brain dominant thrive on careful analysis of all pertinent factors before making any decisions. Their style is naturally systematic and detail-oriented, characterized by the pursuit of logic, predictability and discipline. They tend to stick to the rules and stay within the confines of their orderly world. You tend to take things more seriously and tend to stick more to rules and guidelines. You have an innate ability to stay on task when doing a job. You tend to have a lot of book knowledge, and may have an interest in science or history. People could benefit from your knowledge. Jobs: Engineer, Accountant, Banker, Counseler, Clerk, HR, Financial Advisor, Librarian

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