Monday, August 17, 2009

Bei Zhan Restaurant

Long time did't go to this restaurant already. Lots of tourist prefer to visit here. Before this it was at Melaka Raya, but they just moved to here recently(Kota Laksamana). Their decoration is more of a modern type compared to the previous one. Went there just now to celebrate my dad's birthday which is this coming Thursday. But because my sister is having tuition on that night, so we celebrate it earlier.

The interior and toilet design

My dad ordered a total of 6 dishes. Here's the delicious food ^^

北栈炒面线 Bei Zhan Fried Royal Noodle

北栈炒饭 Bei Zhan Fried Rice

红烧扣肉+花包(Seasoned Steamed Pork + Bun)

咖哩鱼头 Curry Fish Head

一品海味豆腐 Braised Bean Curd with Sea Cucumber

沙律虾球 Deep Fried Salad Prawn

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