Sunday, August 23, 2009

End of Mid-Sem Break

Broad the 10pm bus last night, Transnational one. Not bad, at least I can get a few hours of sleep. The bus stopped at Seremban to pick up some passengers. After that the drive straight on until a R&R in Ipoh.

This is the place we stopped. Exactly two months ago, I was having a break lunch with my family here when the first time I'm going to Penang. We were having some waffles in the Mesra Mart. Sweet memories.

About 5.30am, we reached Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal. Me and my girlfriend boarded a cab to come back to our hostels. It cost us Rm15, I failed to bargain at all, guess I'm not good with it.

The Corridor of my row.

My room number. It looks like those hotel's wooden door ^^

Before I unpack and clean my room. It looks almost the same as the first time I entered two months ago. After I did some laundry which I've left before I went back to Malacca last weekend, I start to cleanup and unpack my things.

After some hardwork, finally it's done.

My wardrobe. It looks new as I heard my hostel has just renovated about one year ago.

My study table. But I guess the foods are more than my books LOL.

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