Thursday, August 13, 2009

Been MIA

Been missing in action for the past whole week, due to the unstable Wifi connection in my hostel here. Always unable to connect to the Wifi here, other hostel mates also facing the same problem, I wonder why.

Anyway last week have been quite a busy week for me. Been rushing assignments, homework, tutorials and etc. And it has been raining for the past few days, clothes couldn't dry up. It's a messy week for me. But not pressuring myself, I still watch some Hong Kong dramas whenever I'm free or stressed up. Well, I can say that entertainment is very important to me and I can't live without it Haha.

Vivian and Jia Yi went back to Malacca already last night. They should have reached Malacca 3 hours ago. My turn will be on Friday night, if my classes were canceled, I'll go back on last night too sob sob. Am thinking of what to buy for my parents, any local products from Penang?Haha.

Got to go to class in a while, ciaoz Sayonara .

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